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Receive all your mail digitally and finally enjoy efficient organisation.

Receive mail
Desktop Org Banken

Several accounts with different banks? Pay all invoices in one place.

Pay invoices

Clever document archiving with unique tags.

Smart archiving

Find what you’re looking for using filters and full-text search.

Smart archiving

Invite a team and work through the mail together.

Invite a team
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Look forward to the following features.

Roles and rights

In autumn 2021, it will be possible to assign different users specific roles and access rights. This determines which actions a user may perform in the business account.

Mail distribution

This is the smart and secure feature for distributing mail. It's important for handling mail efficiently and ensuring mail is only read by the intended recipients. This feature is also set to be rolled out in autumn 2021.

Time tracking

The time tracking add-on makes it easy for you and your team to record and track your work time online.


In the future, you will be able to link PEAX with your online accounting or use an accounting system integrated in PEAX. However, we still need some time to make this possible.

What about data protection and legally binding force?

Desktop Rechnungen

Data protection