Digital versions of documents remain legally binding.


Legally speaking, freedom of form applies to all documents – with the exclusive exception of certain contracts (see below). You can therefore keep both hard and digital copies of documents. We would however like to point out that in some cases it may be worth keeping the original documents or have PEAX send you the original documents (e.g. records of general meetings or commonhold ownership associations). The assessment of the situation as well as the decision about the storage location is up to the users. Digital versions of documents remain legally binding.


The principle of freedom of form applies to both contracts and general documents. This means that generally only the informal, unanimous consent of the parties involved is required for a contract to come into being. Everything else is “only” a matter of provability in case of dispute. A special form is only required for contracts to become effective if prescribed by law or contractually agreed. Such formalities are only required for the validity of contracts coming into being but not for the validity of their (continued) existence.