The smart pension portal for employers

Digital interaction with pension funds and policyholders

The PEAX insurance portal enables employers to communicate securely with pension funds and employees. They can also use the PEAX Postbox as a digital mailbox for the whole company. Daily mail is received digitally before being cleverly distributed and processed.

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Viewing policyholder details

Details of employee pension funds can be viewed online in the PEAX pension portal. Quickly, clearly and securely.

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Online mutation of master data

Changes can easily be made to master data via the portal. All changes communicated to the pension fund are encrypted.

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Online notification of entries and withdrawals

New entries and withdrawals can be logged directly in the portal and thus communicated to the pension fund.

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Receiving documents and files

Documents and files relating to the pension fund can be received and securely archived in the PEAX pension portal.

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Secure document archiving

All documents archived in PEAX are encrypted and stored in Switzerland. Comprehensive security measures protect against unauthorised access and misuse.

The benefits

  • Digital mailbox and pension portal in one
  • End-to-end digital with no media discontinuity
  • Encrypted data
  • 100% Swissness
  • Compliant

Clever hosting.

The PEAX portal

  • Data retention in Switzerland in redundant systems
  • Tier IV data centre, certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 50001
  • Different security zones protect the data centre from unauthorised access. Amongst others, biometric access systems are used.

Policyholder data

  • Data is stored in PK/S, the pension fund’s system.
  • Access to PK/S is synchronised, pension details are shown but not permanently stored in the PEAX portal.

Usage and prices


The pension portal is accessed via a Web browser. No additional infrastructure is necessary.

In order to use the pension portal, the pension fund is required to install the PK/S software of PK Softech AG. For more information, contact your pension fund or visit


Use of the pension portal is based on the pension fund’s contract with PK Softech for PK/S. Services include:

  • Employer portal
  • Policyholder portal
  • Basic features of PEAX: postbox excluding scanning, payment, archiving

These prices apply to the use of all PEAX features.