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PEAX app integration

PEAX app integration unleashes the full potential of the digital Postbox.

Documents and data from the postbox are transmitted via an interface to linked systems for further processing or to trigger the next process steps.

This completely dispenses with the need to capture or scan documents manually, and makes all the latest receipts and documents available in full in the preferred system.

Now available

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App Integrationen Dokumenttypen Helpcenter

Document types

Invoices, reminders, credit notes and documents/receipts are transmitted by default.

However, the document types to be transmitted can be managed and customised individually.

App Integrationen Eintrag Doc History Ubermittlung

Latest data thanks to immediate transmission

Documents are transmitted to the linked system as soon as they land in the digital postbox.

If changes are made to documents or document properties, the documents are retransmitted.

The initial transmission is documented in the document history and can be traced seamlessly at any time.

App Integrationen manuelle Ubermittlung Helpcenter

Manual transmission

All documents that are not transmitted automatically can be transmitted individually or manually via multiple selection.

The benefits

Multidevices v2


All incoming mail is professionally digitalised. Documents are made readable and searchable and are categorised.


Depending on the system, up to 90% of bookings can be automated.

Effizienz v4


Accountants and fiduciaries can save up to 70% of their time.

Beratungszeit v2

More time for consulting

The time previously spent on repetitive work can now be used to advise and support clients.


Less time waiting

All documents are available in the system in real time and ready to be processed immediately.



The business model of accountants and fiduciaries can be made more attractive and sustainable.

Requirements for app integration


PEAX business account with a Basic subscription or higher


Active account with partner system

Additional costs

We offer the additional benefit of app integration as an add-on to your existing PEAX subscription for the following additional costs.

Costs per month / billed annually


CHF 6.90 for Basic subscriptions

CHF 14.90 for Standard subscriptions

CHF 29.90 for Plus subscriptions

CHF 49.90 for Premium subscriptions

Enterprise on request