Receiving and distributing mail digitally

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Receive mail in PEAX

Mail redirecting can be activated directly in PEAX. Mail arrives in the digital letterbox on a daily basis and magazines and parcels are automatically forwarded to the company address.

Mail redirecting is included in the paid subscriptions.

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Distributing mail internally

PEAX helps you distribute mail to the relevant people and/or distribution groups. What used to sometimes take days is now taken care of immediately on the day the mail arrives. This ensures that all information is processed efficiently. Mail distribution is included in the Plus, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

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Cockpit with dashboard

The cockpit features a smart dashboard that displays all activities and new mail in your digital postbox. It also shows any open contact requests or invitations. New key figures and tasks are regularly added to the dashboard.

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PDF editor

The PDF editor can be used to edit all documents. Various features are available in the PDF editor for adding highlights and notes. No changes will be made to the original document as a result of editing. You can always revert back to the original version of the document after making any changes.

What if I need an original?

Unscannable mail is automatically forwarded to the business/company address. This includes credit cards or voting envelopes, for example. It is also possible to order original documents in PEAX within 30 days. After this time, the documents will be destroyed in the appropriate manner.

Unsolicited advertising will neither be scanned nor forwarded but immediately discarded.

Input channels

Mail redirecting

With letter mail redirecting, all mail is digitised. Mail redirecting can be activated directly in PEAX and is included in the subscription costs.

peaxbox email

Everything sent to the peaxbox email address arrives directly at the portal, including any attachments. Perfect for direct electronic communication and as a target address for your own scanner.


Use the upload function to import files from your device into the PEAX portal.

Scanning by app

The iOS or Android app makes it easy for you to photograph and upload documents.

And what do I do then with the mail? Take care of everything efficiently.