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The digital corporate archive

You can assign your documents and invoices appropriate tags and archive them. All data and documents are encrypted before archiving in one of the most state-of-the-art data centres in Switzerland.

More about data protection and security

Tags vs folders

Smart tags - fast search

Individually adjustable

Multiple tags can be added to each document

Year tags for older documents

Tag reminder when archiving

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Classical folders - slow search

Sub-folders possible

Complicated folder structuring

Difficult handling of documents from year to year

Difficult to keep the broader picture in mind

clever ablegen folder ORG clever ablegen folder ORG

Fast document search.

The filter navigation and full-text search only suggest search results that actually exist. The search function allows you to search by date, sender, tag or a specific term – and ultimately find what you are looking for.

What about data protection and legally binding force?