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This is how it works

Start by registering as a private individual and create a private account.

You can then create a business account for your company with an address in Switzerland.

Get up and running straight away

Set up the PEAX Postbox and receive your post digitally.

Set up PEAX Payment. Manage and pay all your invoices directly in the PEAX portal – digitally and securely.

Invite other people to your business account and assign the corresponding authorisations.

Enjoy the comfort of paperless work.

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Start now with PEAX!

For security reasons, your password must meet the following requirements:
- at least 6 characters
- at least 1 small letter and 1 capital letter
- at least 1 digit
- at least 1 special character

With the registration I accept the GTC.

Frequently asked questions about pricing

Why do I need a private account if I want to use PEAX for my company?

A verified private account is necessary, even if you only want to use PEAX for your company.

Your private account is always used to log in to the business account. In this way, all actions carried out in the business account are personalised and can be traced.

Which payment methods are available?

At present, the PEAX subscription can only be paid for by credit or debit card from the following providers:

  • Maestro
  • Maestro UK
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Further payment options (e.g. payment via invoice) will follow at a later date.

How can I save my credit card details in the PEAX portal?

  1. Log in to the PEAX portal (via desktop).
  2. Under «Profil», go to «Prices and subscriptions». 
  3. Select the «Manage subscription»
  4. You can then add your credit card details under «Payment methods».
  5. Finish the process by clicking on «Update».

Note: Credit card details can only be entered via the web app (desktop) as this function is not yet currently available in the mobile app.

Where can additional costs be incurred?

  • Additional deliveries (from scan centre or peaxbox e-mail)
  • Reactivating mail forwarding in the same subscription year. You can find more information on changes here.
  • Ordering of additional original documents
  • Storage space
  • Charging of incurred postal costs
  • Charging of administration costs in special cases

All services are shown transparently. Already used services can be seen at any time under «Prices and subscriptions».

How can I make changes to my subscription?

You can make changes to your subscription by going to your «Profile», then «Prices and subscriptions» and then clicking on «Manage subscription». A new «Manage subscription» window then opens. Under «Payment methods», you can add a credit card and then change your subscription as desired via «Edit subscription».

Please note that an upgrade is possible at any time but a downgrade is only possible at the end of the contract. Information on your subscription is found in your «Profile» under «Prices and subscriptions».

Can I also sign up for a monthly subscription?

Only annual subscriptions (12 months) can be concluded at the moment. Subscription costs are billed in advance. Additional costs (storage space, additional incoming mail and original orders) are made retroactively for a contractual year.

Not quite yet convinced? Find out more about PEAX here.