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  • Mail always and everywhere available online
  • Protected according to the strictest standards
  • Efficient handling of all your letter post
  • Saves time, money and hassle 
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The most important questions about PEAX

What happens if I receive a bank code, credit card, etc. and I need it in physical form?

The system automatically recognises unscannable elements such as credit cards, bank codes, etc. Such documents will immediately be forwarded free of charge to your residential or forwarding address. Codes etc. will be forwarded to you unopened. In addition, you will receive a message in your PEAX mailbox that the document will be physically delivered to you.

Exception: Bank codes cannot be recognized on the outside of the envelope, therefore the scanning process is different. More information can be found here.

Please be aware that we do not automatically send brochures and flyer to your residential address. They will be scanned (if possible). If you need these Documents physically, we recommend you not to subscribe to mail in the PEAX Portal.

When will my documents be scanned? When will they be available on PEAX?

Mail is scanned immediately on arriving at the scanning centre (from Monday to Friday). It will be available in the PEAX portal as soon as it has been scanned. Usually you will receive a notification email at midday.

What happens with a registered letter?

On accepting the GTC, PEAX users agree to registered mail being delivered to the scanning centre. Registered mail is classed as delivered upon receipt by the scanning centre. The documents are then scanned and deposited in the PEAX mailbox. Unscannable documents will automatically be forwarded to the PEAX user's residential address. A hard copy can be sent to the user's home, if required. The PEAX user will immediately receive a notification email informing them that the registered mail has been received.

In contrast to registered mail, registered letters sent by hand cannot be accepted by our scanning center, as they are personal and can only be accepted by the recipient. If a registered letter arrives for you, we will inform you as usual. In addition, we will send you the scan of the pick-up slip as information to your PEAX mailbox. With the help of the postal collection slip, the letter can be redirected to a desired address, e.g. to a post office near you, within 7 days. If the letter is not redirected within this period of time, the postal service will automatically return the registered letter sent by hand to the sender.

Where is my data stored? Who can see my data?

Your data is stored 100% in Switzerland and is under your sole control. All documents are encrypted and can only be viewed by you.
Learn more about data protection and data security at PEAX.

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- at least 6 characters
- at least 1 small letter and 1 capital letter
- at least 1 digit
- at least 1 special character

With the registration I accept the GTC.