Pay invoices

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Fast an safe

Invoices are sent directly to your Invoices folder. Since payment details are automatically generated, you can pay your invoices in just a few clicks. 


How it works

Invoices can be paid in the portal using the advance payment function or by direct debit. You can add several bank accounts in the PEAX portal and then choose the relevant account from which to pay each invoice.

Direct debit payments

From multiple accounts

No automatic debits, you approve each payment

ID level 2 required

PostFinance is not yet associated with this.

Advance payments

Prepaid account for payments

Works with all Swiss banks

Possible from ID level 1

All payments at a glance

Invoices in the PEAX portal are sorted into outstanding, pending and paid. An overview of payments made via PEAX can be seen in PEAX or on your bank account statements.

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