Receive mail

Postumleitung 2024 Basis

Redirect mail

With mail redirecting, all letter post is redirected to PEAX. It can be activated in the profile area and is included in the paid subscriptions.

PEAX Adresse Level 1 2024 Basis

PEAXbox email

Organisations send electronic mail to the user’s personal PEAXbox email address. Emails and attachments appear as documents in the PEAX portal. If you deposit the peaxbox e-mail address with companies and the public administration, you will receive the electronic mail directly in the PEAX portal.


Scanning via App

The scan function on the PEAX mobile app allows you to digitise a hard copy of a document in a matter of seconds. The function will soon also be available for the Android App.

Upload 2024 Basis


Simply use the upload function to import files from your device into the PEAX portal.

And what else is there? The important PEAX functions.