Smart document archiving

Ablage 2024 Basis

Life’s digital archive

Documents and invoices can be tagged and stored easily and securely. The documents are found within seconds, for example for the tax return.

Are you still searching or do you already find them?

Tags vs folders in comparison

Should wage slips be filed under wages or taxes? Thanks to PEAX, they can be filed under both. Simply add both tags and you’re sorted.

Smart Tags – Quick Find


Multiple tags can be added to each document

Year tags for older documents

Tag reminder when archiving

2022 Privat Card Taggen 2022 Privat Card Taggen

Classic Folders – Long Search

Sub-folders possible

Complicated folder structuring

Difficult to allocate documents from year to year

Little oversight

clever ablegen folder clever ablegen folder

Search and find documents quickly.

The filter navigation and full-text search only suggest search results that actually exist. The search function allows you to search by date, sender, tag or a specific term – and ultimately find what you are looking for.

Archive what? The digital mail of course.