Data protection and security. For us, a matter of course.

Swiss hosting

Our application is run in a multi-certified Swiss data centre, which also acts as a data host. As one of the most modern of its kind in Switzerland, this data centre meets the highest security requirements. 

We carefully back up user data and take a number of precautions to safeguard against data loss and unauthorised access. We regularly conduct security checks and constantly update our systems to meet the latest standards.


We ensure secure data transfer on the Internet through encryption, operate our own email server and store data in encrypted form. 

Access to our systems is regulated by clear and strict access controls. For us, a matter of course.

Data protection

ID levels


Two-factor authentication is available for all ID levels. Users identify themselves by means of a password and a one-time dynamic access code via the Authenticator app or SMS code.


Quality assurance

Compliance is key at PEAX. We regularly conduct quality checks to ensure the security and functionality of the PEAX portal at all times. Valuable user feedback also actively contributes to developing and optimising the portal.