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PEAX makes life easier
Make life easier
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postbox from PEAX.
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PEAX makes life easier!

Want less paperwork and greater transparency? Looking to manage your mail quickly and easily? The PEAX portal is the simple and free way to receive your daily mail digitally. Invoices can be paid with just a few clicks and documents can be filed securely in the PEAX smart archive. You can access your PEAX portal anytime and anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

PEAX – the digital postbox of the future.

Electronic postbox

Digital postbox

The postbox of the future is digital! Have your letters and invoices sent directly to your digital postbox and finally keep track of your affairs. You are free to decide from whom you wish to receive digital mail and anything that is physically required, e.g. an EC card, will continue to be automatically sent in the post. Whether at home or on the go, the PEAX postbox is available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Switch to the digital PEAX peaxbox!

Mail forwarding via PEAX

PEAX – receive mail digitally and keep track.

Secure and flexible payment

Your PEAX portal allows you to manage your invoices with ease. Payment orders and corresponding due dates are entered automatically. Settled invoices can be filed in your central archive, allowing you to see exactly when you performed which tasks. 
Making payments has never been so quick, easy and secure!

More information can be found here:
PEAX Payment. Here's how it works.

Now make payment orders quickly, easily and securely!

PEAX – the easy and convenient way to pay invoices.


Smart archive

Your documents are securely filed in the PEAX smart archive and accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device. The addition of several clever tags, a filter and a history of all document-related actions allows you to constantly keep track. Any documents required, e.g. in connection with your tax return, are at hand in no time at all.

Turn PEAX into life's smart archive!

Change of address

Electronic change of address

In future, you will be able to notify all of your contacts – private, business and official – of your new address with just a few clicks. This saves you a great deal of time and effort and ensures no one is forgotten. You can even organise your move automatically: you will be de-registered from your previous place of residence and directly registered at your new place of residence, to which your certificate of origin will also be sent. This means you can spend more time organising your move and less time caught up in bureaucracy.

Coming soon! Until then, continue using the PEAX features already available!

Multiple devices

Full Responsive

You can operate PEAX on all devices: Mobile, on the tablet and on the desktop. You can access your portal anytime and anywhere via the cloud, your data and documents are stored safely and securely in Switzerland.
The PEAX iOS app is available for your smartphone – giving you personalised access and thus making life even easier.

PEAX is available for use on all end devices!

  • Full Responsive – use PEAX on all devices.
  • Full Responsive – use PEAX on all devices.
  • Full Responsive – use PEAX on all devices.
PEAX envelope

PEAX envelope

Digitise your mail quickly and easily with the PEAX envelope.

On registering, we will give you two free PEAX envelopes. These can be filled with documents and invoices and sent to our highly automated scanning centre, where they will be processed, digitised and placed in your PEAX portal in compliance with data protection regulations.  

You can order more PEAX envelopes for CHF 6 per envelope at

More information can be found here:
The PEAX envelope. Here's how it works.

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You will find detailed information on the use of the PEAX Portal in our help center.

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