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PEAX account for public administrations

You can communicate with citizens electronically while digitising your processes. PEAX also offers tailor-made solutions for connecting public administrations to mailing, interactive and communication services. An overview of PEAX Business Services can be found here

In line with your needs and requirements, we will devise an approach that is optimally suited to your current systems and processes. Alternatively, our PEAX services will be seamlessly integrated into any digital strategy you may already have in place. Otherwise, we will work together on developing a relevant digital timetable for your undertaking, leaving you optimally equipped for the future. 

The PEAX address

PEAX address management

You may have already received customer requests to switch over to a PEAX address. If so, read the facts here.

The PEAX address is as follows:

First name Surname
PO box 1207
6341 Baar

Even if your company is not yet directly connected to PEAX, your customers can still receive their mail digitally. Thanks to the PEAX address, mail is sent to our scanning centre and then forwarded to the user's PEAX postbox.

Sector-specific solutions

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