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18. September 2014

PEAX achieves recognition for its outstanding innovation in 2014 with an award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce!


PEAX receives recognition at the 28th Innovation Awards held by the Central Switzerland Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHZ). Besides the high level of innovation, the IHZ also acknowledged the social benefits offered by our solution, which makes it easier for private individuals to exchange data and information securely and carry out transactions with companies and public authorities.
Competing against 23 candidates for the 2014 IHZ Innovation Award, PEAX was one of three to win the recognition award. Originality and level of innovation, market success and potential, the impact on Central Switzerland, corporate achievements plus benefits for society and the environment were the key assessment criteria for winning the award, which was presented in December 2014. Particular emphasis was placed by the jury on the fact that the PEAX solution ‘consistently focuses on customer needs».