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2. December 2016

PEAX mail subscriptions – why not all mail subscriptions are problem free


The aim of PEAX is to allow you to receive all your mail digitally in a single portal. One way of doing this is by subscribing to mail in the PEAX portal. The subscribed organisation then records the PEAX delivery address and sends all future correspondence to your PEAX address.

Mail subscriptions generally work very well. Some organisations may require us to briefly explain how PEAX works upon initial subscription. Once we have clarified any outstanding issues, however, the subscriptions generally tend to work problem free.

A few organisations are still, however, refusing to meet a simple customer request – namely, to change the delivery address. In such cases, we will personally introduce PEAX to these organisations and ensure that these addresses are also changed. Legally speaking, an organisation cannot refuse to record a delivery address. In terms of catering to customer requests and offering a customer-friendly service, such companies certainly have room for improvement.

There is no cause for concern from a legal or technical standpoint for companies considering making the switch to a PEAX address and (in 99% of cases) such a switch would be easy.

The following companies are a prime example of this and are already switching to a PEAX address: Helvetia Insurance, CKW, EWL, Concordia Insurance, Billag, Luzerner Kantonalbank, the Canton of Zurich Road Traffic Licensing Department, UBS and many more.

Unfortunately, the mail subscriptions are not (yet) working for the following organisations: CSS Insurance, Valiant Bank, Sympany Insurance, Gebäudeversicherung Zug and certain municipalities. We are currently looking into this with these organisations.