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13. October 2017

PEAX vision: CEO Stefan Hermann's vision of the future


«The focus of my entire business over the last two decades has been on creating systems for continuous, networked processes. My ideas are always aimed at making existing processes easier and more transparent to create added value for everyone involved.

Our intention with PEAX is to create continuous digital processes. We achieve this with the PEAX portal for private individuals, which simplifies administrative tasks. In terms of organisations, as of next year, we will be offering a portal for digitising customer interaction and in-house administration.

This will connect private individuals, public administrations and companies. The channels of communication will be much more direct, completely eliminating media disruptions.

This requires the willingness to rethink existing structures. The most important thing is creating additional benefits for the customer. This and this alone provides the enthusiasm and vision for developing new and sustainable business models.

PEAX is shaping the digital future. I am delighted that you are a part of this community!"»