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PEAX – full control over your data

PEAX attaches great importance to the protection of data and privacy as well as the right to decide how personal information is used. PEAX strictly abides by the Swiss provisions on postal and telecommunications confidentiality, bank-client confidentiality, contractual agreements and the relevant industry guidelines

Data protection

Data protection

PEAX undertakes to observe Swiss data protection laws and, in particular, data processing principles (235.1 Swiss Federal Data Protection Act).
PEAX abides by the Swiss provisions on postal and telecommunications confidentiality (StGB), contractual agreements and the relevant industry guidelines.
Likewise, PEAX requires its suppliers and partners to abide by these provisions.
PEAX shall not pass on any usage or user information or profile data unless requested to do so by the user. 
PEAX shall neither view nor access the contents of the user's PEAX digital mailbox. 
The user is the sole proprietor of their data and documents.

Two-step authentication


The user's identity is verified in two different ways to protect against unauthorised account access. User authentication is provided by means of a password and a second, one-time dynamic access code via the Authenticator app or SMS code. The dynamic access code is valid only for a short time and must be requested again, if necessary.

PEAX shall never contact you – neither by phone nor by email or Internet – with a request for personal information such as login data.

Swiss hosting

Swiss hosting

User data and documents are stored in a certified Swiss data centre and only used for the services designated by the user. The green data centres meet the highest security requirements, are nationally and internationally certified and are amongst the most modern in Switzerland, ensuring energy efficiency and information security.

Green Datacenter has the following certifications: Tier III design certification, SQS certification, ISO 27001 certification.  

Video Green Datacenter

The connection between your browser and the PEAX portal is encrypted. PEAX carefully backs up user data at regular intervals and takes the appropriate measures to safeguard against data loss. PEAX checks the server platform for viruses and protects user login data stored on the server against unauthorised access.    

SSL encryption


TLS encryption protocol ensures secure data transfer on the Internet.
This is shown by means of a padlock icon in the address bar of your browser.

Access to all PEAX systems is regulated by clear and strict access controls. Administrative, physical and technical access controls complement and reinforce one another.

PEAX ID levels

PEAX ID-Levels

The PEAX ID levels were established in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Bern University of Applied Sciences within the scope of a long-term project.
A level is defined by the type of identity check and respective authentication required:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

ID-Level 0

Authentication and identity check:

  • Self-declaration
  • Identity is verified by an email address
  • Authentication via password

PEAX portal functions with level 0

  • Profile editing
  • Digital postbox (user uploads only)
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Compliance is key at PEAX. We regularly conduct quality checks to ensure the security and functionality of the PEAX portal at all times. Valuable user feedback also actively contributes to developing and optimising the portal.